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Traditionally, all icons of Mary, are referred to as 'Mary, Mother of God. All icons describing Jesus Christ symbolize the presence of the Divine, in Greek letters at the top of either side of the icon.

In the Theotokos of the Passion, an icon type known in the West as Our Lady of Perpetual Help, our foreboding becomes explicit.

Two angels have approached to present the Christ Child with the instruments of his death. Although his attention is on the angels and their message, he clasps his mother's hand for reassurance..

Mary [Theotokos] of the Passion

Theotokos of the Passion is said to be one of the [many] icons believed to be created by St Mark the Evangelist.

Iconographers of all times tried to show in the image of Theotokos as much beauty, gentleness, dignity and grandeur as they could imagine. They sometimes paint grief, and sometimes sorrowful, but always filled with spiritual strength and wisdom.

The Most Pure Lady is always shown with her head covered with a veil, which drops to her shoulders, according to the tradition of Jewish women of that time. This veil or head covering is usually colored red to show her suffering and her acquired holiness. Under her veil her clothing is blue, symbolizing the humanity of the Theotokos.

There are three golden stars, one on the forehead and one on each shoulder of the Most Holy Theotokos. The three stars are a symbol of the Holy Trinity. Sometimes the third star is covered by the figure of the Christ Child the second person of the Holy Trinity.

Mary [Theotokos] of the Passion Icon by Olga Christine